The Theta Video Plugin for WordPress is a plugin which allows WordPress users to easily use the Theta Video API.

Once a video has been added to a post or page the plugin will automatically upload the video to the Theta API. While the video is still uploading and transcoding, visitors will be served with the video hosted by the WordPress host.

Visitors will automatically see the video hosted by Theta once the transcoding has finished.

This plugin could be used when the host only allows a little bit of bandwidth per month, has a low upload speed or when the user simply wants the video to be hosted by Theta.

How to use the plugin


First, you need to install the plugin. Right now there are two ways to do this, by uploading a zip or by placing the contents in the correct folder. You can find a zip here.

In your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins->Add New. Then click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page. Click browse and upload the plugin. Drag and drop is also supported. Finally click on Install Now.

Alternatively you could install the plugin via (s)ftp. First extract the zip locally, then log in to your WordPress host with a (s)ftp client, like FileZilla. Locate the root of your WordPress install and go to wp-content/plugins. Create a folder called thetavp within the plugins folder and upload the contents of the zip to the newly created thetavp folder.

Activating the plugin

The next step is to activate the plugin. Go to Plugins->Installed Plugins. Look for a plugin called Theta Video Plugin and press on activate.

A new item in the menu should appear, called Theta Video Plugin. Fill out the form field for the API key and API secret. You can get these from

Using the plugin

When you want to place a video in a post or on a page, simply select the Theta Video Plugin block.

Place it where you want your video to be and press upload video. The default media selector will pop up you can either select a video from your library or upload a new one from your computer.

Select your video and you should see the video pop up in your post or on your page.

Hit save draft and preview the page. The video will get uploaded using the Theta Video API and will automatically switch when it finished uploading and transcoding.

Video from:

Upcoming features

Multilanguage support. If you want to help translate, let me know in the discord!

Uploading it from localhost.

Customize the video player.

Add it to the WordPress plugin library so you can install it without manually uploading the plugin.

If you have any requests, drop by in the discord linked below and feel free to mention them!

Known limitations

The plugin currently only works when the video files are accessible from the outside web, running it on your local machine doesn’t work right now unfortunately. This will be added soon though.

If you get the following message:

Updating or Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.

Install a plugin like Really Simple SSL. This should fix the issue.